Professional Values Statement

Communication is ageless.  From the beginning of time, getting a message to someone else has been an essential human trait.  As we evolved, the method of delivery became more sophisticated in response to a developing, more complex social structure.

Today, enhanced, directed, targeted messaging; that’s marketing – posting words and images to encourage behavior.  However, today, delivery of such a message must not only be sophisticated but also creative and packaged into more media options than ever!

So, how does a graduating marketing student enter this fast pace environment?  For me, I might enter the present day environment ready to adapt and make a positive difference. In the long-run, I want to be the driver behind the wheel that makes an impact in the industry.  A marketer must watch trends – all trends that affect commerce between parties.  To that end, I may enter the current to gain experience. I will watch the current industry carefully, think about where it’s coming from, watch for patterns, consider speed, wonder at what is being moved by it and question why? Then finally, where is it going?  For me, taking all of this, the experiences of the industry and relationships made, and having it help guide me forward.

My goal is to find new and creative ways to connect with individuals on a very basic, fundamental way.  Find the way to a consumer’s mind, in a good and positive way, through marketing venues known today and technologies yet to be invented.

I aspire to be a valued employee with unique, creative ideas, an effective communicator with the enthusiasm and leadership that make me the person every marketing team wants to work with. I am looking forward to beginning my journey.