Comradery at 40,000 ft.

Late in February, an unexpected event occurred on jetBlue flight 603 from Boston, MA heading towards Phoenix, AZ. At 40,000 ft, 150 passengers found themselves participating in jetBlue’s “Reach Across the Aisle” campaign right out of the blue, ha, get it? Everyone aboard the flight was given an offer they most likely hadn’t received before. One free round trip flight to any of jetBlue’s 80+ destinations, domestic & international. BUT, there is a catch. All passengers must agree unanimously on the destination they want to travel to.

The election spirit engulfed the cabin – 40,000 ft. above sea level.

A look inside the cabin

Passengers were given blue and red paddles to indicate their preferences of destinations. Passengers were also encouraged by the spokesman and cabin crew to “reach across the aisle” and negotiate with surrounding passengers to help come to a consensus. Passengers were found migrating towards the front of the plane and using the intercom to broadcast why one destination would be the best choice. It was a fantastic example of how random individuals come together to form a common good.  

At the end the choices were narrowed down to two destinations, Costa Rica and Turks and Caicos. What the passengers did next was something that isn’t seen occurring very often in Washington D.C – compromises were made for the common good to resolve turbulence. Costa Rica was the final destination selected with a 150 to 0 vote (what a shame, Turks & Caicos). JetBlue’s passengers came together as one, and received their tickets for a once in a lifetime trip! America!

This campaign was crafted by MullenLowe, jetBlue’s long time advertising partner. Each flight ticket costed roughly $300 and with the additional price of paddles, this campaign was just over $45,000. In other words, well worth it simply judging off the waves it created via social media. Additionally, the timing of this campaign couldn’t have been better! It coincides seamlessly with the congressional race. That’s what I call A+ marketing. Thankfully there wasn’t that one annoying passenger who voted for Turks and Caicos just to ruin it for everyone else!  

Watch here on YouTube: